Wednesday, September 7, 2011

India Day 9

Visa in hand!  Today we went back to the doctor to have Vishakha's TB test read, and get her medical report.  We had to have the medical report to get her US visa.  Then we went to the US Embassy for her visa interview. It all went very smoothly.  We were there for less than an hour, then we were able to come back a few hours later and pick up her visa.  That was the last thing we needed to do.  What a relief it is to have everything in order.

Our sweet daughter is doing better and better every day.  I can't wait for everyone to meat her.  I think you'll all fall in love as we have.  She is such a spunky, happy little girl.  She really loves her sweets.  There is one thing she keeps asking for, and we had the hardest time trying to understand what it was.  Finally we figured out she was saying in chocolate.  She asks for chocolate about 20 times a day, also gum, candy,

Sorry nothing exciting to photograph today.  I am hoping to be able to post tomorrow before we catch our long flight home

We miss you all very much. Can't wait to see you in a few days.

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