Thursday, September 1, 2011

India Day 3

Vishakha continues to do well.  She slept all night without waking, and she was in good spirits this morning.  We got out and did some shopping, which was fun.  Hmm...could be that she really likes it when we buy her stuff.  We may need to reign this in.

She really enjoys riding in the auto rickshaws.  We do have to be careful not to let her stick her hand out the window though.  There should seriously be one of those amusement park ride announcements when you board an auto rickshaw.  "For your safety, keep your arms, legs, head, and anything else you don't want to be clipped by another vehicle inside the rickshaw at all times."

After lunch at McDonalds, which I have to say India Micky D's beats US Micky D's hands down.  It was really good.  Vishakha loved the french fries, and we were glad she was eating something.  So far we've only gotten her to eat plain yogurt, sweets, and french fries.  I know she ate well before, so I'm sure this will pass, and she'll start eating well again soon.

I am feeling much better today, but Phillip started feeling bad this afternoon, and we ended up spending the rest of the day in our room while he slept.  We hope he feels better tomorrow, poor guy. 

Today was the start of the 11 day Ganesh festival, and Indians are not shy about celebrating.  We were hoping to venture out to see some of the festivities, but with Phillip sick, we just watched  procession from our hotel balcony.  There was hours of music, drums beating, shouting, bells ringing, and dancing all to be seen or heard from our hotel room.  I tried to catch some video, but it was too dark outside to pick it up.  Maybe tomorrow we will get in a little closer to the action, but for tonight observing from a distance was perfect. 

Vishakha LOVES the music.  Somehow, I only have one bollywood song on my phone (Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire).  I must remedy that.  Anyway, Vishakha listened to that song over and over today, and she was singing along and bobbing her head to the beat.  It was adorable. 

She also really likes to color. A LOT.  We already went through the 2 coloring books BSSK sent home with her.  We only brought one other one with us, so coloring books was on the shopping list for today. 

Sorry not too many pics today.  Just a few of my son and daughter coloring together.  Phillip is such a great big brother.  I am so proud of him.  He wants to be a teacher someday, and it really shows. 

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