Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Adjusting at home

Faith is continuing to adjust well to her new family. She is such a sweet, happy child. She's very outgoing, very opinionated,very affectionate, and very vocal (but you gotta be loud to be heard in my house). Sure she has some moments of frustration or sadness, but they are fewer and fewer every day. 
Faith and Eliza are still having some sibling rivalry issues, but I'd say they are now at an almost normal sibling level. No more clawing at each other for Mommy's attention. They are even playing together and sharing (sometimes). I think they fight over toys more now than they do me, so that is a huge improvement.

I have been able to get away a few times to go to the store or to work for a few hours, which has been really great for my sanity. I think is has been good for Faith too, as she seems to be starting to understand that we always come home.

We also celebrated Eliza's 3rd Birthday in the past few weeks.  I can't believe my baby girl is 3 already.  She loves playing dress up rather it is princess dresses or a knight with a sword.  Her favorite movie is Tangled. She prefers Diego over Dora.  She thinks the Power Rangers are awesome (me, not so much- thanks brothers).  Oh, and she is a climbing machine.  I may have to get this girl in a gymnastics class.

 Eliza getting a collection of princess dresses for her 3rd birthday. 

 Faith, Ian, Eliza, and Isaac

Faith playing princess with Eliza (who refused to be photgraphed in her princess dress)

Mommy and Daddy and Eliza (photo taken by Faith - she's really proud of this one)

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