Saturday, September 3, 2011

India Day 5

Rain.  Lots and lots of rain today.  We were confined to our hotel until about 7pm when it finally let up enough for us to get out and walk around a little and get some ice cream.  Why do they not have mango ice cream where I live?  It's a crime.  Oh well, I suppose that wouldn't do anything for my diet anyway.

We played play-doh, colored, watched tv and there was lots and lots of tickling.  I will never tire of hearing my sweet girl laugh.  Not only was she being tickled, but she was also tickling all of us as well.  She also has decided that I am her personal jungle gym.  She loves to climb up my legs and do flips in the air while I hold her hands.  After several times of this, I told her she was climbing like a little monkey, and she thought that was so funny.  Then she started coming up to me with arms stretched up and saying "Monkey, Mommy!".  Who needs to go to the gym with this girl around - what a workout!

We were able to catch some of the festivities tonight on our walk.  One of them had a little puppet show for the kids, so that was really cool.  Apparently it was hilarious, because all the kids were laughing like crazy. 

Tomorrow we fly to Delhi.

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