Friday, September 16, 2011

One Week Home

We have been home for 7 days now,and things are going pretty well.  Jet lag is hitting us hard, as our sweet daughter is waking at 3am every morning ready for breakfast.  The house is a mess, laundry is way behind, and we're tired, but we are surviving this transition. 

We have officially decided to name our newest princess Faith Vishakha Bledsoe.  We've been calling her by both names since we've been home, and she is now responding to both names.

Today we had our first doctor visit, and it went well.  She only had to get one shot, so that was better than expected.  We did have to go to the lab for a few tests, but nothing terrible.  Next we go to the children's physical therapy specialist to determine what kinds of therapies and orthotics she needs.

Faith has taken to our home, the boys, and the extended family very well.  Eliza is another story.  Both girls have decided they want to be mommy's one and only princess.  We spent a good part of our first few days with the girls sitting on my lap clawing at each other and screaming "My Mommy!".  We are making progress, but slowly.  I don't think they are going to be besties any time soon, but maybe someday.  They are at least tolerating each other for the most part the past two days.

Faith has been good to try new foods, but hasn't liked much of what she's tried.  She does like peanut butter, pancakes, fish sticks and whole grain bread with butter.  She would eat a whole bunch of bananas in one sitting if we let her.  She has quite the sweet tooth, and asks for ice cream and chocolate frequently.  I have attempted to make some of the recipes that she ate at BSSK, but she has not been at all interested in eating them so far. 

She loves the TV, like most kids, and we have admittedly been letting the cartoons babysit more than usual in our exhausted state.  She really enjoys Dora the Explorer and the Power Rangers.  Seems like a strange combination to me, but that's what she likes.

Here is Faith playing with her new brothers.  What a happy bunch.  Sorry no photos of her and Eliza screaming at each other.  I think those are memories I'd rather not save.  Hopefully happy sister pics will follow soon.

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  1. Michelle I will be praying for Faith and Eliza to adapt to sharing their mama. And I wouldn't feel too guilty about the cartoons, my foreign friends in college said they learned english from the cartoons they watched (since their own parents didn't speak English) so hopefully it will serve multiple purposes ;-)