Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Seoul Day 6

Today we met some new friends who are also here adopting their little boy. They just arrived in Korea last night, and we're staying at the same hotel. We both had appointments today at Holt, so we travelled together. We got to see Eliza again, and she was much, much happier today. She let us hold her right away. We went with her to her final medical checkup which was great, then they let us take her outside and go for a 30 min. walk with her. She loved riding in her carrier, and we got lots of smiles and laughes out of her before she fell asleep in mommy's arms. What a perfect day! She woke up when we got back to Holt, and she didn't even fuss at all for foster mom. She even showed off her crawling skills for us before we said goodbye.

After that we went to Pizza Hut for bulgogi(Korean BBQ beef) pizza on a special potato crust. It was very yummy. Then we went to Lotte Mart to get a few things for Eliza. Lotte Mart is MUCH less of a zoo on Wed. afternoon than Sun. afternoon. I had to snap some shots of Ken on the shopping cart escalator. I was also amused that they had 2 carts side-by-side with the same junk in them showing how their prices beat some other store's prices.

Oh, yeah, and today just happens to be our 14th wedding anniversary. What a perfect day! Did I say that already?

Happy girl loves her new rattle

It's also a very delicious treat.

Shhhh...the princess is sleeping.

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