Friday, September 11, 2009

Home One Week

It's hard to believe we have already been home with Eliza for a week. I would say the adjustment is going really well. She still much prefers to be held by me, but is starting to allow me to put her down, and has even let daddy carry her in her carrier a few times. I can tell she is going to be quite the handfull. She is starting to show off her crawling skills, which is more of an army crawl at home, since we have hard floors. I think it is just more comfy on her little knees to do the army crawl, but boy is she fast! And what do you suspect the first thing she crawls toward is...the stairs, of course.

I know we have yet to see her full personality, but she is so sweet. She is starting to let out little laughs, and I can't wait to hear her really let out a big belly laugh.

She LOVES to eat. She may be tiny now, but she is really workin' on catching up. She has liked everything we have given her so far. She especially enjoys Gerber Puffs.

She has been sleeping all night long in her crib for the past 3 nights. Not even waking for a bottle. I can't beleive how easily she adjusted to the time change. If only her mommy was adjusting so easily. The jet lag is kicking my butt. Ken is used to swithching his days and nights around for work, but my body is not at all ahppy about it. I think I am almost there though. I was able to get to sleep by midnight last night, which is much better than 3-4am. Thank goodness for afternoon naps!

Here are some pics of my beautiful, sweet, silly girl.


  1. Oh my goodness she is so beautiful!!!


  2. She is darling! I love reading all about it, since I hopefully will have our daughter home in just a month or two! (fingers crossed!)

  3. SO CUTE!!!! Really just beautiful!!! You are one lucky momma!! :)