Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Seoul Day 5

Today we slept until 5am. Much better than 2am! I got up and went up on the roof, well, not actually the roof, but the helicopter pad above the roof of our hotel. I got to watch the sun slowly light up the city as it rose behind the mountains. It was so beautiful! I also got a great view of the palace and the National Folk Museum from the top of the Somerset.

Then we were off the Namdaemun Market for some shopping. It is an open air market that goes forever. We found some Korean candy for the boys (I bet they are really excited for us to come home after reading that!), Some super comfy socks for my very sore feet, and a few toys for Eliza.

This rocket is just something we saw while walking around. I thought the boys would like it, because, well, it is a rocket.

I cannot believe I found a Salvation Army thrift store in South Korea! How awesome is that! I LOVE that place! I am such a thrift store addict, now I have thrift store shopped internationally! I'm so proud! Of course I had to buy something, for the experience, if nothing else. We found a few great things in there for some of the boys, but they are reading this, so I won't tell. I will say I got a great deal and I am so pleased with my bargain purchase.

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