Tuesday, August 18, 2009

VISA Interview

This afternoon I called the National Visa Center in Washington D.C., as I have done many many times over the past 2 months. It typically goes something like this:
  • I give the kind person on the other end of the phone our case number
  • I hold with knots in my stomach trying and usually failing not to get my hopes up
  • The operator askes my what the child's name is
  • I reply "Choe, In-ae"
  • The operator says the dreaded phrase "I'm sorry the packet has not been returned yet"

NOT TODAY!!! Today, instead of hearing "the packet has not been returned", I heard, "Oh, she is so beautiful!". Which means the operator can see her information, the packet has now been returned, and our baby girl's visa interview is scheduled for tomorrow morning in Korea (that would be this evening here). Oh happy day! What this means is we will probably be getting our travel call this week and we will be able to leave the US next week as the parents of 4 children, and return the parents of 5. Eliza is coming home so soon! God is so amazingly good!

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