Sunday, August 30, 2009

Seoul Day 3

Today we had tour guide from Holt take us to Gyeongbokgung Palace. It is the largest of several palaces in Seoul, and it is massive. We were able to take a tour in english, and it was very interesting. Then we walked by the Blue House. This is where the Korean President lives, and is similar to our White House. Of course, we were not allowed inside. Our tour guide also took us to have cold noodles for lunch. It may sound wierd, but it was actually very good. We came back to the hotel and Ken took a short nap, then we went out with some friends to Lotte Mart. What an experience that was. Imagine Costco but with multiple levels like a department store. One floor has food and other essential items, another floor has toys and clothing, and I think there were more levels, but that is as far as we ventured. They even have escelators that are magnetic, so you can push your shopping cart up to the next level. The wheels of the cart stick to the magnets and up you go, cart and all. It was a long day and we are so tired. Tomorrow is the day we have been waiting so long for. We meet Eliza at 10:30am (That's Sunday at 8:30pm Missouri time). And oh yes, I have some pictures to share.

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