Monday, October 26, 2009

Lots to celebrate!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband, Ken! I love it when his birthday comes, because for the next 9 weeks, he is as old as I am. ;)

Phillip has been awarded the Track Maker Award from his school for scoring among the top in his class on the science portion of the Mapp Test. Way to go Phillip!

Last week was Parent-Teacher conferences, and all the boys are doing well in school. Isaac is enjoying Kindergarten, and doing great. Ian and Nathan both have straight A's. Ian's teacher even bragged about what a great leader he is in class, and how she can really trust him!

Eliza continues to amaze us. She had some bonding time with Daddy this past weekend, as Mommy went on a much needed women's retreat. She is not walking yet, but is instead focusing on climbing! The stair gates are in full force, and she is now trying to climb onto the couch, but I don't think she's quite tall enough yet. Boy, am I gonna have my hands full with this active little one. And that's fine with me. My hands are full, and so is my heart.

Yes, she hiked her leg up there all by herself! Ballet, perhaps?

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