Thursday, August 11, 2011

India Update

We have received Vishakha's passport, but there was a slight delay in getting the final document we need, the ICPC.  This is basically an agreement between our state and the state our agency is in to place the child with us.  It normally takes less time than the passport, so it doesn't cause any delays, but not true for us.  In any case, I think all the snags are taken care of now, and we should be getting the ICPC very soon.  Then we can finally book our flights and hotels and make appointments at the embassy in Delhi.  We are now hoping to leave a week later, on the 28th of August and meet our daughter on Sept 2nd.  Actually pushing our dates back a week seems to work better for childcare arrangements etc. anyway, so it is a good thing.  Please pray that we are able to book our trip soon, and that there be no further delays.  Vishakha now knows she has a family, so this wait is effecting her too.  Hold on sweet daughter, your family is coming soon, and we can't wait to finally meet you.

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  1. Ohhh!!!! Many prayers my friend! I can not believe the end is almost here!!! or shall i say ...just the begining!!! :