Friday, May 27, 2011

Prayers for Progress

Tonight I am writing to ask you all to please pray for progress in our adoption process. I have attempted to be patient these long 9 months, but I must admit, I am very weary of this wait. I am so ready to meet and hold and love on my little girl. And to see her playing and laughing with her brothers and sister.

We have hit a small road block in the process. About a month ago, the suitability of our family was called into question. This is primarily due to the size of our family, and I am told it is fairly common for this to happen to large families. We had to send in extra documentation and explanation as to why we are a good family for Vishakha. We are still waiting to hear that we've been approved, and that our NOC (non-objection certificate) has been issued. Once we have that NOC, our case can be submitted to the courts, so we can be granted guardianship. Then we can travel to India and bring Vishakha home.

The courts in India have been shut down for the past several weeks for the summer recess, but they will reopen on June 6th. My hope is that we will have our approval prior to the courts reopenning to avoid any additional delay in our case.

Would you please pray with me that the people examining our documents will recognize how much we love Vishakha, that they would agree that we will be an excellent family for her, and that the NOC will be issued.

Thank you so much.

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  1. Praying!!!! How stressful...bless your heart!
    Praying that little girl is home to her forever family soon!!