Friday, July 2, 2010

How girls are different from boys

I get this question a lot, "is having a little girl different than having all boys?". At first it wasn't a lot different, but as Eliza grows and more of her personallity comes out, I am starting to notice a difference. Yesterday I noticed a perfect example. We were eating dinner, and Eliza belched. Now, having 4 boys, belching, while not encouraged, is not an uncommon occurance at the dinner table. What happened next is uncommon. Immediatelly after belching, Eliza covered her mouth with her hand and said "cuse" (as in excuse me). I was dumbfounded and oozing with pride at the same time. My 21 month old daughter learned something in the short time we've had her that I am still trying to teach my 12, 8, 7 & 6 year old boys. Maybe her manners will rub off on them. Mine haven't, but one more good example can't hurt.

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