Thursday, September 20, 2012

Super Kid Faith

Several months ago, Brittany's Hope Foundation sent us an email asking if we could provide some updated photos and answer a few questions about how Faith was blending into our family.  For those who don't know, Brittany's Hope is an organization that gives grants to families to help them adopt special needs children.  In our case, we were blessed to receive a generous $5000 grant toward our adoption expenses.  We would not have Faith right now if not for their compassion toward special needs children. 

Today in the mail, we received a newsletter from Brittany's Hope.  I was shocked to open it up and see a full page spread with the title Super Kid Faith and a photo of our child.  I had no idea, but how cool!  Faith was standing in front of me when I opened it.  I said to her, Faith, I think you might know the girl in this magazine!"  She thought it was one of her friends from India, and quickly turned to see the page.  Then her eye's got even bigger than they naturally are, she grabbed the magazine out of my hand, and rad screaming to her dad, "It's me, I'm in the book!"  I had to get her to calm down a little to keep her from accidentally ripping the magazine, which we intend to save with her other treasured items.

Of course you want to see it for yourself, so here is the online version of the newsletter.

Also, if you are wanting to donate to Brittany's Hope, or learn more about them (they are an amazing organization).  Their website is HERE.