Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Easter, Birthday, Finalization....

You probably guessed from the title of this post that we have been a little busy this month.  It's been crazy, but crazy with lots of good things.  Summer is just around the corner, and I have to say I am ready to welcome a more leisurely pace of life.

This year Faith's 7th Birthday just so happened to be on Easter Sunday.  She had a fabulous first Easter/Birthday which included both sets of grandparents.  With all the candy and birthday cake, all the kids were a little hyperactive, but it was fun. 

A week later, Faith had her first Birthday Party with most of the girls from her class attending.  She wanted a Bollywood theme, and it was very fun.  The girls made Bollywood style anklets with bells on them.  We had an elephant pinata as well as lots of fun music and of course cake and presents.  She really likes to share all things India with her friends. 

On Friday, April 27th, we went to court for the finalization of Faith's adoption.  She is now legally our daughter and a United States Citizen. Yay!!! The entire family went with us to the courthouse to celebrate our forever family (including 2 sets of grandparents, an aunt, an uncle and a baby cousin plus our crew of 8). 

We decided not to have a big open house party like when we finalized Eliza's adoption.  We felt like Faith, being older, would much rather go have some fun with the family than have a party at home.  We all went out for Indian food afterward and we spent the next day at a local indoor water park.  Faith is in LOVE with the water.  Even though she is not able to swim yet, she is totally not afraid to get wet, splash, slide, stick her face in the water...etc.  She just laughed and squealed and smiled the entire day.  We all had a really fun relaxed weekend just enjoying our time together.  It was great!